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Resound hearing aids Price In India

ReSound has been a leader in the hearing aid market since its founding in 1943 and has introduced a number of firsts. The world's first Built for iPhone hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming was created by ReSound, who were also the first to introduce 2.4GHz technology into hearing aids for direct connectivity. Across the world, ReSound has representation in more than 80 nations.

The cost of a Resound hearing aid in India in 2023 ranges from INR 18,490 to INR 7,09,990. Since it's electronic medical equipment, the price varies according on the technology and features of the gadget, which explains the vast range. Modern features like invisible, rechargeable, Bluetooth connectivity, on-the-go charging, ready to wear like ear buds, natural sound quality, automatic noise cancellation, augmented Experience, etc. are now available in hearing aid devices.

Types of Resound Hearing Aids

Resound Omnia 9 RIE

17 Channel

Front Focus

All Around 360


Environmental Optimizer-II

Resound One 4 ITC/ITE

12 Channel

Soft Switching

Adaptive Directionality

Basic Level Wind Guard

Direct Audio Streaming

Resound One 9 ITC/ITE

Adjustable Directional Mix

Wind Guard Highest level

Ultra Focus Directionality

Environmental Optimizer II

Noise Tracker

Resound One 4 BTE

Rechargeable and Robust

Ergonomic design

Natural sound

Stay connected

Designed for a Great Experience

Resound Key 461 DRWC RIE

Natural Directionality II

Synchronised Soft Switching

Multiscope Adaptive Directionality

Direct Sound Streaming

Bluetooth / Wireless

Resound Key 1 HP BTE

4 Channels

Fixed Directionality

Noise Tracker II

Resound Assist Live

Wireless Programming

Resound LiNX 3D 7 W ITC

Binaural Directionality II

Tinnitus Sound Generator

Ear To Ear Communication

Direct Audio Streaming

Resound Smart 3D App

Resound Enya 2 W ITC

Auto DFS


4 Environment Programs

Preference Control

Noise Management

Resound ENZO Q 9 SP BTE

Binaural Directionality

Soft noise reducer

Spectral transformation

Sound generator Tinnitus

Noise Tracker II

Resound Magna 4 SP BTE

Resound range 2 cilp

sound shaper

noise tracker II

4 environmental programs


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0% EMI options
Buy Back Guarantee
Lifetime after sales service
FREE Hearing assessment and Consultation

Save big on hearing aids

Benefits of upto 30,000*

Resound Hearing Aids as per their features

Earbud Design

Android & iOS connectivity

Invisible and ready to wear Hearing Aids

World’s first Slim RIC, an Award winning Design

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Custom Rechargeable Solution

Resound Ear Machine for every Individual and Situation

Resound Ear Machine for every Individual and Situation

There are several Resound hearing aid models available. Speak with our hearing aid specialist and visit one of our Resound hearing aid machine clinic near you to select from a variety of hearing aid models.

Resound Hearing Aids for Senior Citizens

Resound Hearing Aids for Children

Resound Hearing Aids for Working Professionals

Resound Hearing Aids for Men

Resound Hearing Aids for Women

Resound Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Resound Hearing Aids for Profound Hearing Loss

Resound Hearing Aids for Mild Hearing Loss

Resound Hearing Aids for Moderate Hearing Loss

Resound Hearing Aids for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Resound Hearing Aids for With Rechargeable Option

Resound Hearing Aids for with Bluetooth connectivity

Resound Hearing Aids with Starting range of 18,490 each

Resound High Power Hearing Aids

Resound Earbuds Hearing Aids

Frequently asked question

  • What is the average price of Resound hearing aids

    Depending on the supplier and type, Resound hearing aids typically range in price from 18,490 to 7,09,990. Resound hearing aids are available through local hearing clinics or you can buy through Connecting Ears online at better discounted price.

  • What is Resound brand

    One of the top three brands of hearing aids worldwide is Resound. WS Audiology, which also oversees the brands Widex, Audio Service, Rexton, A&M, and audibene, owns and operates it. Hearing aids made by Resound were first offered under the Siemens name. It was bought by Sivantos in 2015, then in 2019 it merged with WS Audiology.

  • What is the difference between Siemens and Resound

    The Company that acquired Siemens Hearing Instruments, Sivantos, unveiled the Resound series of hearing aids in 2016. Resound is the brand name for recently created hearing aids from Sivantos.

  • Which is the most expensive Resound Hearing Aid

    Resound’s Pure Charge & Go 7 AX is the most expensive hearing aid the MRP for a pair is Rs. 7,09,990. The hearing aid is packed with great features such as Augmented Speech Understanding, Immersive Soundscape, Recharge on-the-go, Android & iPhone connectivity and AI Digital Assistant.

  • What is the starting range of Resound Hearing Aid

    Resound Hearing aids starts with the price range of Rs. 18,490. Prompt is the basic 8 channel product and it may help a person leading a very sedentary or inactive lifestyle.

  • What is the warranty of Resound Hearing Aids

    Warranty of Resound hearing aids ranges from 2 years to 4 years. Basic range of hearing aids have 2 years of warranty while higher ends warranty goes upto 4 years.

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Resound Hearing Aids in India: The Ideal Hearing Aid for Your Needs

Resound has a variety of hearing aids to choose from that will fit your needs and price range. Our hearing aids are among of the best on the market since they come with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated features.

Resound hearing aids are well known for their exceptional quality, and the best thing is that they are quite affordable. Resound hearing aids price in India.

The cost of hearing aids might vary based on the brand and features, so it's crucial to keep that in mind. The following elements will affect how much a Resound hearing aid costs:

  • Technology : To guarantee that its products satisfy the needs of all users, Resound provides a range of technology levels, from entry-level models for people with mild or moderate hearing loss to advanced models for those with more severe hearing loss.
  • Features : Resound hearing aids provide a number of functions, including wind and noise reduction, streaming capability, and remote control applications. The price of a model increases with the number of features it includes.
  • Design : Resound hearing aids come in a variety of forms to match all lifestyles, from elegant behind-the-ear types to hardly visible in-the-ear ones.
Key Features of Resound Hearing Aids.
  • PureSound Technology : Its state-of-the-art technology offers customers a clean, natural sound and guarantees that background noise won't interfere with their listening experience.
  • SpeechMaster : This function guarantees that users can easily hear the discussion without any background noise and enhances speech comprehension in noisy circumstances.
  • e2e Wireless 3.0 : This innovation makes it simpler than ever to operate your hearing aids remotely by enabling simple and seamless connecting to smartphones and other devices.
  • Rechargeable Batteries : Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for frequent battery replacement for consumers.
  • Customization Options : Resound provides customizing choices to meet your specific demands, whether you're looking for a personalised sound experience or increased comfort.
  • Water and Dust Resistance : Hearing aids with a high IP rating are used to guard against water and dust damage and increase their durability.
  • Smartphone Compatibility : For a more potent listening experience, Resound hearing aids in India may be simply connected to your smartphone or other devices.
Models of the Resound Hearing Aid:
  • Styletto X : Those with mild to severe hearing loss can use this fashionable gadget. It has cutting-edge technology that enhances listening quality by enhancing sound while reducing background noise.
  • Resound Pure Charge & Go : This is a basic hearing aid that is intended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It includes a long-lasting battery life and easy-to-use controls for a hassle-free listening experience.
  • Resound Nx : For people with medium to severe hearing loss, this top-of-the-line gadget is ideal. It has a user-friendly software that enables users to modify their settings for a tailored listening experience.
  • Resound Xperience : Those with mild to severe hearing loss can use this cutting-edge hearing aid. With its advanced capabilities, users can hear their surroundings with greater clarity. These functions include noise cancellation, feedback reduction, and sound optimization.
  • Resound Augmented Xperience : According to a recent survey, 4 times more people choose Resound AX hearing aids over their prior hearing aid. It includes features like Upgraded eWindScreen, Improved AX Soundscape Processing, Auto EchoShield, Own Voice Processing 2.0, HandsFree for iPhone with CallControl, Increased input dynamic range, etc.

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